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A new cartography mapping tool was introduced with the new Everquest:Legacy of Ykesha(tm) extension in March'03. This tool allowed players to view, edit and create maps of most zones in the Everquest world. The EQ Map Viewer program is an open source project that allow players to be able to view (and eventually edit) the cartography tool maps outside of the game.

What's New

Version 0.5 (23/3/2003):

  • Added map printing (Currently portrait only).
  • Maps are now drawn on a canvas.
  • Small/Medium/Large font sizes now supported as per in-game Cartography Tool.
  • Minor fix to remove the '+' when labels are disabled.

Version 0.4.1 (11/3/2003):

  • Note: Version 0.4 does not work due to a few missing files, please download version 0.4.1 instead
  • Added error logging file (MapViewer.log).
  • Added live-updating maps.
  • Added a few missing classfiles (silly me!)

Version 0.4 (10/3/2003):

  • Added height filter support
  • Added accelerators and mnemonics for the menu bar
  • Fixed bug where saved jpg files background color was pink.
  • Moved save image function to the menu bar.
  • EQ Map Viewer now defaults to the native look and feel.
  • Printing function should be ready by version 0.5 (It works, except I get can't the map aligned properly)

Version 0.3 (6/3/2003):

  • Added gridlines.
  • Gridlines can be toggled on and off.
  • Added map coordinates, map now shows x, y coordinate of location under mouse cursor.
  • Can now save maps as an image file.
  • Supported image file formats is dependent on the running java system (typically .png and .jpg).
  • Can now define the Everquest map folder (See menu bar under File->Options).

Version 0.2 (1/3/2003):

  • Fixed problem where canvas drew outside of visible area (blank canvas syndrome).
  • Added support for layered maps as per the in-game cartography tool.
  • Added toggling visibility of base, 1, 2 and 3 layers is also supported too.
  • Filtered file open dialog, non map files should no longer be shown by default.

Version 0.1 (28/2/2003):

  • Initial version.
  • Requires Java 1.4 Runtime Environment.
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